How Do We Avoid Taking Scripture Out of Context?

by Pastor Billy Chidester
Another way of asking this question is, how do we avoid wrongly interpreting passages of scripture in the Bible? This is important because whole theologies (beliefs about God) can be based on one person’s interpretation. New denominations have been started and even false religions have been started because
of faulty interpretation.

Followers of Christ often wrongly interpret passages of scripture for many reasons. But there are two main reasons I would like to point out. First, it happens because there has been a lack of training, or discipleship. Because the Bible is a collection of writings that was written anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 years ago, it requires some practice and training to study and interpret in a healthy way. Many have not been taught how to interpret the Bible. Second, faulty interpretation happens because we do not take the time to learn to study the Bible. Simply put, laziness gets in the way of understanding the Bible.

Having said that, below is a link to an article by Greg Koukl. Greg Koukl is the founder and president of the ministry called Stand to Reason. His ministry’s goal is to help equip followers of Jesus Christ to be ambassadors for Christ in this world. In this article, entitled “Never Read A Bible Verse” he talks about how to rightly interpret the Bible in it’s proper context. So, enjoy the read, take notes and put into practice the discipline of sound, biblical interpretation, because your pastor, Sunday School teacher, or parent will not always be there to help you, but under the power of the Holy Spirit you can faithfully interpret God’s word.

never-read-a-bible-verseNever Read a Bible Verse